Ideas for Passive Income in Retirement

Passive or a semi passive income in retirement can become a reality if you take the right steps and do some research. Following or approaching retirement and thinking about boosting your income or leaving a nest egg to your children …

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‘I lost £66,000 after botched pension transfer’

pension transfer

Over 55s tempted to access their pension pots during the pandemic will be urged to reconsider after market falls have left millions of pensioners with less to live on. Last year, more than 200,000 people transferred £34bn from their “defined …

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Your Guide to Financial Benefits for the Over 55s

man and woman discussing financial benefits

It is important to realise that financial benefits are not all means-tested and related directly to your income and savings. Many are based on your individual National Insurance record and some are based on your personal circumstances, without any reference …

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Making a Will (Age UK)

write a will

If you want to be sure your wishes will be met after you die, then making a will is vital. It may prevent you from paying unnecessary taxes to the government. How to write a will Step 1 Value your …

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Mortgages for the Over 50s

mortgages for the over 50s

It’s common to see lenders impose an upper age limit for new mortgages for the over 50s, which makes it harder for the over 50s. Find out how to get a new mortgage at 50+ It may not be possible …

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