The Best Recipes for British Pie Week 2021

British Pie Week has played a key part in our food calendar since 2007, taking place annually in the first full week of March. Running from 1st – 7th March 2021, this fun awareness event is a great excuse to …

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Balance Box guide to Healthy Snacking (via Balance Box)

healthy snacking

The Balance Box Guide to Healthy Snacking As we find ourselves confined to our homes, many of will find our food intake rocketing – whether it is through comfort eating, boredom or genuine hunger.  This is where healthy snacking needs to enter your thoughts. Being at home all …

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Birds Eye Soft Meals in Association with Alimento

healthy & nutritious

Healthy & Nutritious Birds Eye Soft Meals from Alimento Enjoy healthy & nutritious food regardless of personal circumstances. With a selection of pureed ready meals combining over 140 years of scientifically based health expertise and nutritional oral food supplements. A …

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Collagin Gin With Added Collagen 50cl


I’m Feeling Younger Already… Collagin – Gin With Added Collagen 50cl Looking for a anti-ageing standout gin this weekend? A Collagin – Gin With Added Collagen 50cl bottle is sure to make a mark with friends and family alike. It’s …

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The Benefits of Probiotics. (via Nourished )

It’s always important to actively protect and enhance your immune system and probiotics might be precisely what you need to do just that. Here, we’re going to look at what you need to know about probiotics, and the benefits of …

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? (Sunrise Care)

healthy food rich in vitamin D

In 2012, in partnership with the UK Health Department the government released guidelines on increasing vitamin D intake, with a specific focus on “at risk” groups. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey has concluded that up to 1/5 of adults …

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The Real Cost of Your Wine


When taxes, packaging and the retailers’ share have been stripped out, Graham Sherwood finds the value of wine left for the poor old drinker is sobering’ Barely a week goes by without my wife exclaiming after a trip to the …

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Health Benefits of White Wine (

health benefits of white wine

There have been some interesting reports in recent media about the health benefits of white wine and how white as well as red can provide good levels of antioxidants and other benefits. This has been especially welcome among all the …

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