Hotels.Com is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, offering booking services through its own network of localised websites and telephone call centres. They let you find the best hotels through tons of filters that allow you to narrow down your search. Its initial results tend to show a good balance of lower and upper-end hotels, mostly in or around city centres. They also include both independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering options in hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. They offer a one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability and also specialise in providing travellers with accommodation during sold-out periods.

Excellent customer service via their telephone call centres for any issues or cancellation problems. We found that as a member of their loyalty program they bend over backwards to help customers. For example we were able to cancel a non refundable booking simply by talking to one of their customer service agents who spoke directly to the hotel on our behalf.

Best features: offers discounted “secret prices” to members, plus an in-house loyalty program that gives you one night free when you book ten. And you choose how you collect your ten nights, whether it’s a single stay or across multiple trips. The more nights you book in a single year the higher the status will be from bronze, silver or gold each with its own benefits.


Why Book with Hotels.Com?

  • Over 365,000 properties to choose from
  • Competitive rates
  • Excellent loyalty program
  • Secret prices to members
  • Superb customer service


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